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Exciting New England Summer Camp Earns Rave Reviews! September 27, 2017

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Exciting New England Summer Camp Earns Rave Reviews!, Piermont, New Hampshire

When parents are searching for the best summer camp for their kids, they look no further than Camp Walt Whitman, an enriching boys and girls summer camp located in beautiful New England. This camp is known for their exciting outdoor adventure activities that help children make new friends, develop their own unique personalities and learn new skills they can take with them wherever they go in life.

Parents and attendees have been so thrilled with their sleepaway summer camp experience that Camp Walt Whitman’s Facebook page is teaming with 5-star reviews that reflect each person’s personal story. First-time staff memberTaylor P. shares her unique stay at the camp, which she claims was one of the best decisions she’s ever made:

I never expected to have such a positive and enriching experience during my summer at CWW. I met amazing people and watched kids learn and grow. CWW is a wonderful place to send your child, teen or even try out as an adult! Everyone is at home and welcome, one of the best decisions I ever made. I still hope to go back.

As many summer camp veterans claim, one experience is never enough and every year brings forth new and more enriching insights. Camper and counselor Jill Wilen G. explains:

Camp Walt Whitman is unlike anywhere else. I spent many years as a camper, counselor-in-training, and counselor there, and they were the most amazing summers. This is where I truly began to develop a real sense of independence, where I learned to live and work with people of different backgrounds and of course a wide variety of personalities. I learned to be able to develop strong relationships that would help me be able to count on others when facing new and daunting challenges, and where I began to develop leadership skills. Not to mention - the friendships I formed there have lasted throughout my life; I continue to treasure them. 

As I grew older and took on roles on the staff, I learned just how much care and thought goes into every single thing they do at CWW behind-the-scenes (I admit I hadn't exactly noticed all of this when I first started there at 9 years old). This starts with the directors and carries to everyone else there. While summers are spent enjoying tons of activities and new adventures, CWW is at its heart a place of warmth, of true community. I'm so grateful that I got to "grow up" there.

From your first-year curious campers to your most seasoned attendees, to staffers and parents, Camp Walt Whitman has truly supported all participants even through their toughest of times to help them learn and grow. Like Gordon S.:

Camp Walt Whitman is a great place to build yourself as a person. You are surrounded by wholesome, genuinely great people who make you feel at home no matter how far home actually is. I can personally say that after losing my mother to cancer, Jed, Carolyn and everyone else in the Walt Whitman family that knew me or knew of me, offered me a wealth of support and love. That summer truly made the recovery process easier to bear. I would definitely recommend CWW not only to those of age to attend the camp as a camper but those who also of age to be employees of the camp. Even though I did not return after my final summer to work there, I still believe that it is a great place to work just judging by the average demeanor of the staff.

Ready for the summer camp experience of a lifetime? Camp Walt Whitman is ready to take you on a seven-week journey that will enrich your life, help you grow and bring you new insights into the world around you. Contact their knowledgeable and friendly staff at (800) 657-8282 or visit their website for more information.


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