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Leading New England Summer Camp Partners With Foodwize September 30, 2017

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Leading New England Summer Camp Partners With Foodwize, Piermont, New Hampshire

Attending summer camp is part of staying active and healthy, so shouldn’t the food offered at camp reflect those ideals? The professionals from New England’s Camp Walt Whitman thinks so, which is why they  work with Foodwize to ensure all of their campers have access to healthy meals each day. They understand you’ve probably got a few questions about what Foodwize is, and how it’s going to benefit your child while they’re at camp, so they’ve compiled some facts for you below. 

What Is Foodwize & How Will It Improve My Child’s Time at Summer Camp? 

Foodwize Was Developed by a Group of Dieticians

Improving a child’s access to healthier foods been a concern for many public officials, parents and health practitioners for many years now. In an effort to further those aims, a group of registered dietitians created Foodwize, with the help of pediatricians, educators and chefs. Their staff personally analyzes your daily menu, providing suggestions where you can improve its nutritional value and helping you create a new menu designed to give your children the best access to healthy foods possible. 

Camp Walt Whitman Created a One-of-a-Kind Menu With Foodwize

summer campWhen it came to developing the daily menu at Camp Walt Whitman, camp officials and Foodwize experts worked together to create daily offerings both unique, as well as high in vitamins and nutritional value. By working with Foodwize, camp staff was able to construct a menu that tastes delicious and is attractive even to the most discerning camper, while also adhering to the recommended balanced daily intake of calories and vitamins. 

What Are Some Highlights From the Camp’s Menu? 

Camp Walt Whitman is proud to offer an extensive breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. For breakfast, campers can expect a wide range of cereals, as well as eggs and other healthy items; for lunch, they offer a salad and sandwich bar stocked full of fresh ingredients. For dinner, campers can look forward to Italian cuisine, fresh salmon., and a wide range of other premium plates. 

Staying healthy during summer break can be a struggle, which is why Camp Walt Whitman aims to make it easier. To learn more about how they keep your child happy and healthy, contact them today at (800) 657-8282, or visit their website to learn what makes them one of the northeast’s best summer camps. 

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