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4 Warning Signs You Need Tractor Repairs From a Professional September 7, 2017

Harris, Stanly
 4 Warning Signs You Need Tractor Repairs From a Professional, Harris, North Carolina

A tractor is an expensive and complicated piece of machinery that’s vital to operating a family farm or landscaping business. However, you might be ignoring problems that require tractor repair without realizing it. To keep minor issues from getting worse and ensure the safety of your lawn and farm equipment, familiarize yourself with common signs it's time for maintenance. 

3 Indications You Need Tractor Repair

1. Unusual Engine Sounds

You can tell a lot about a tractor’s condition by listening carefully. For example, a sputtering sound can be a sign of an improperly maintained carburetor or clogged air filter. Some noises are more severe, especially if it seems as if something is knocking within the engine. If you hear strange sounds, schedule tractor repair as soon as possible, even if the equipment appears to be operating well. 

2. Difficulty Maneuvering

Tractor repair New London NCA tractor is large and travels over rough terrain, so proper handling is essential. If your tractor has become harder to maneuver, it might have a malfunctioning propulsion system. Save yourself from having to deal with further complications by arranging maintenance from a tractor dealer instead of trying to fix the problem on your own.  

3. Discolored Emissions 

Some tractor repair warning signs are more apparent than others. If your outdoor power equipment suddenly starts emitting black or blue smoke, it could be a symptom of several issues. Black smoke could occur if the carburetor is burning excessive diesel, and blue smoke could appear if your tractor is burning too much oil. No matter the cause, you need tractor repair to restore your equipment to good working order. 

Never overlook a potential issue, even if it seems minor. Getting tractor repairs at the first sign of trouble will let you get through the rest of the season without inconvenient and expensive interruptions.


Stanly Tractor Company in New London, NC, has the machinery you need for any task, from lawn care jobs at home to demanding farm work. They have a vast parts inventory and skilled tractor repair technicians to keep your equipment in top shape. Visit them online to learn more about their services and check out their inventory of outdoor power equipment. Call (704) 983-1106 to speak with a staff member and like them on Facebook for more news and tips from the tractor dealer.

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