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4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Immigration Attorney August 29, 2017

Financial District, Manhattan
4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Immigration Attorney, Manhattan, New York

The United States immigration system is notoriously complex, with rules and regulations subject to change at a moment’s notice. Whether you’re attempting to become a naturalized citizen or applying for a visa, the outcome of your petition depends a great deal on your immigration attorney’s depth of knowledge and experience. Before hiring an advocate to guide you through the process, meet with several law firms and ask the following questions.

What Questions to Ask an Immigration Attorney

Do You Have Experience With Similar Cases?

Immigration lawyers handle a variety of cases, each of which may require navigating a different process and unique skill sets. A successful outcome will depend on your attorney’s understanding of the system and ability to anticipate problems.

What Percentage of Your Practice Is Devoted to Immigration Law?

immigration attorneyWhenever possible, find an attorney who focuses exclusively on immigration law. While many legal teams may offer immigration services, those who focus primarily on another practice area generally won’t provide the same level of service as a specialized firm.

Will You Be Handling My Case?

Before hiring a firm, make sure the immigration attorney to whom you’re speaking will be the one handling your case. If your issue will be assigned to another partner, ask to speak with that person before you make a decision.

Do You Have References?

A reputable immigration attorney should be willing to refer you to previous, satisfied clients who were happy with the services they received. How a lawyer responds to this request can reveal a great deal about how confident they are in their reputation and ability to provide results.


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