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3 Innovative Apps That Can Prevent Auto Accidents & Personal Injury Claims September 7, 2017

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3 Innovative Apps That Can Prevent Auto Accidents & Personal Injury Claims, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

personal injury claimDistracted driving is one of the biggest hazards drivers face on the road, causing thousands of death and hundreds of thousands of personal injury claims every year. In fact, texting or reading an email behind the wheel can actually be worse than drunk driving, impairing reaction times and resulting in accidents that could have been avoiding. Many new apps on the market, though, present some innovative solutions for helping you stay focused on the road.

3 Apps That May Prevent Auto Accidents

1. DriveMode™ from AT&T

Some apps completely shut your phone off while driving, but AT&T’s DriveMode app recognizes that some interaction is sometimes necessary. Instead, this app, available for iPhone and Android devices, recognizes when your vehicle is going more than 15 mph and shuts off those functions most likely to cause distractions, like phone calls, games, and and especially text messages. It also runs quietly in the background, so you don’t have to manually turn it on every time you get into the car.

2. LifeSaver™

For maximum safety, install LifeSaver on your iPhone or Android, which completely shuts down your phone services while driving. If you have teen drivers, you can configure the app to send a message any time the user overrides the program while driving, and another when they arrive safely.

3. SafeDrive™

Instead of locking your phone, SafeDrive works on a rewards system, making a game out of driving safely. For every mile you drive without touching your phone, the app awards you points, which you can spend on a variety of products from participating retailers. Opening your phone while driving will result in a loss of all the points accumulated for that trip.


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