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What Does Your RV Insurance Cover? September 5, 2017

Woods Park, Lincoln
What Does Your RV Insurance Cover?, Lincoln, Nebraska

RV insurance is a necessity to protect both you and other drivers, but choosing the right policy can be challenging if you don't understand what it covers. RV policies are typically broken into three coverage areas: liability, comprehensive and collision, and additional coverage. To help you pick the right plan, each of these is explained in greater detail below.

Your Ultimate Guide to RV Insurance Coverage


Liability insurance is the base-level policy required to operate a vehicle on the road. This plan is comprised of vehicle damage and medical bill coverage for other drivers if you're deemed liable for an accident. While this type of policy prevents substantial out-of-pocket costs, it doesn't include repairs or replacement for your vehicle.

Comprehensive & Collision

RV insuranceWhile you can stick with only liability coverage, it's usually a good idea to make sure your property is covered as well, which is where comprehensive and collision coverage comes in handy. Comprehensive is designated for replacement costs of non-crash involved situations, like theft and fires. Collision, on the other hand, takes care of the bulk of the expenses related to an accident for your RV. Both of these policies are usually required if there's a lien on your vehicle.

Need-Specific Add-Ons

There are also other types of insurance areas you can add to your policy, such as belongings and roadside assistance. While comprehensive and collision protect your RV, they don't protect your belongings inside of it. Full coverage for your belongings is particularly important if you travel with expensive electronics or jewelry.

Roadside assistance is also a beneficial add-on. Every company has variations of this plan, but it usually covers things like towing and tire replacements. Speak with your agent for the exact terms of your policy.


For all of your RV insurance needs, turn to the trusted agents at Allstar Insurance in Lincoln, NE. The family-owned and -operated insurance agency is known for their honest and personalized approach to their services. They work with each customer to find a policy that meets their specific needs, including budget limitations. Learn more about the insurance policy options online or call (402) 477-0900.

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