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How the Use of Memorial Headstones Originated September 6, 2017

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How the Use of Memorial Headstones Originated, Troy, Pennsylvania

Headstones long have been used as unique tributes to loved ones. The team at Troy Marble & Granite Works in Troy, PA, has been providing customized stones in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles since 1878 and understands the importance of these products. They explain the origin of headstones and how they’re used today.

Headstones Were Grave Markers

Headstones, also called gravestones, designated the locations of burial sites. Before the existence of cemeteries, people usually were buried near their family’s home, and a headstone was the only way to alert others to the existence of a grave on the property. It also was believed a heavy stone laid on top of a grave would keep the dead from rising. At times, less substantial materials like wood and rocks were used for this purpose.

Headstones Gained Emotional Significance

Headstones Troy PAGravestones were made from slate or sandstone during the 17th and 18th centuries. Inscriptions about the deceased, such as their name, age, and years of birth and death, were carved into the stone as a means of identification and tribute. Some cultures would include the profession of the deceased or the battles they fought in if they were a military veteran.

As public cemeteries were created in the 19th century, headstones became more significant to bereaved family members. They not only memorialized the dead but were objects to be visited, stirring memories of the deceased. Today, most headstones in the United States are made from granite because it’s a durable material that withstands exposure to harsh natural elements.

Headstones have a significant emotional meaning for friends and family members, and there are many ways to make them as unique as the person they honor. If you need a memorial stone for a loved one, the Troy Marble & Granite Works team will help you create a beautiful custom monument. Visit their website to learn more about their selection of markers and call (570) 297-2700 to speak with a business representative.

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