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Why Graduate Schools Outrank Coder Boot Camps Any Day January 26, 2015

NoMad, Manhattan
Why Graduate Schools Outrank Coder Boot Camps Any Day, Manhattan, New York

The hottest topic in the tech world these days is coder boot camps. These web developer programs claim that upon completion - after only several weeks - six-figure jobs are "the norm." Sounds promising, right? Before you drop everything and sign up, Touro College Graduate School of Technology (GST) wants to give you the facts as to why an education at their graduate school is still the smart choice.

Coder boot camps can range from several thousand dollars to $20,000, and none of the boot camps are eligible for federal financial aid programs. Furthermore, coder boot camps are full-time programs that start early in the morning and end well into the night, making a job almost impossible to sustain.

For all this time and money, you're probably wondering what kind of degree you get. The answer is: none. The coder boot camp will simply state that you have completed the program. These programs also lack legitimate career service centers for students, which can cause students to feel as if they're facing the job market alone. This, unfortunately, is representative of the impersonal nature of coder boot camps. Additionally, this technology graduate school has Middle States Accreditation, which guarantees that students who attend Touro College GST will receive a quality education. Coder boot camps, on the other hand, have no one backing them to make sure that they are legitimate programs that provide a quality education.

Touro College GST, however, is an esteemed institution of higher education at which you can receive your Master's in Technology. Their highly reputable career services center makes it its mission to go above and beyond. They will help you write a professional resume, learn and perfect interviewing techniques, and aid you in your search to find a job that is right for you.

Students receiving their Master's in Technology at Touro College GST are eligible to receive financial aid, unlike those attending coder boot camps. This lauded technology graduate school also allows for flexibility in scheduling, so students can work full-time while simultaneously receiving their degrees.

For more information on how to receive your Master's in Technology at Touro College GST as well as information on the abundant services this graduate school provides, please visit the website today. When it comes to considering a coder boot camp versus a graduate school like this one, the best investment is clear. 

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