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Anchorage Kids' Dentist Explains the Importance of Baby Teeth September 5, 2017

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Anchorage Kids' Dentist Explains the Importance of Baby Teeth, Anchorage, Alaska

You know your child’s baby teeth are destined to fall out, so does it matter if they’re taken care of? Baby teeth may be temporary, but if you ask any kids’ dentist, they’ll tell you poor oral hygiene can have permanent consequences for children. Baby teeth do more than summon the tooth fairy, and Alaska Dentistry for Kids in Anchorage wants to help parents with their kids. Dental care should start as soon as your child’s teeth start to show up, and here’s why.

Why Baby Teeth Are Important

kids' dentistThe first few years of a child’s life are a whirlwind of development. They learn how to chew, smile, and speak, and baby teeth are a big part of that. They also serve as placeholders for permanent teeth. If they fall out too early or need to be pulled because of extensive tooth decay, there could be long-term consequences. The permanent teeth will shift into the empty space under the gums. When it’s finally time for them to make an appearance, their placement will make it difficult for other teeth to find room in the mouth. They could come in crooked or crowded together, and your child will likely need expensive orthodontics to fix the problem.

How to Care for Your Child’s Teeth

From the moment your child’s teeth start to show, you can take steps to ensure a healthy smile. Your baby’s first dental care appointment should be shortly after they get their first tooth or no later than their first birthday. A kids’ dentist will do a general checkup to make sure everything’s all right, and they’ll show you how to clean the new teeth and help with other potential problems like thumb sucking. As your child grows to be old enough to take care of their own teeth, encourage them to brush and floss on a daily basis. Keep it fun and don’t skip out on regular cleanings.

Taking good care of your child’s teeth now will lead to a lifetime of good oral health. Schedule an appointment with the area’s most trusted kids’ dentist by calling Alaska Dentistry for Kids at (907) 274-2525. You’ll also learn more about their dental care services online.

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