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3 Benefits You Can Expect From Speech Therapy September 6, 2017

West Orange, Essex County
3 Benefits You Can Expect From Speech Therapy, West Orange, New Jersey

For people with developmental disorders or those who have suffered a traumatic brain injury, speech therapy is highly beneficial for enhancing communication. ESB Home and Health Care strives to help residents of West Orange, NJ, interact with the world, offering speech therapy as a part of their in-home caregiving. The staff explains why this service is beneficial to anyone who struggles to talk.

Improved Ability to Express Needs

Expressing needs is at the heart of effective communication. Certain disorders can greatly impede this ability. People become frustrated when their needs are not met or understand, but therapy can provide them the tools to adequately communicate with loved ones and caregivers.

Better Articulation of Words & Sentences

speech therapyLanguage is not always clear cut, and as a result, people with certain disorders may have a hard time with non-literal words and phrases. Proper articulation is greatly enhanced through the right therapy, which allows people to put together sentences in a shorter amount of time and with more clarity. This entails not only understanding the meaning of a word but also its rhythm and intonation.

Cuts Back on Word Repetition

People with disorders like autism often have issues with echolalia. This is characterized as the repetitive speech patterns involving words, phrases, or even noises when discussing a beloved topic. Speech therapy allows them to capitalize on their memory skills without engaging repetitive behaviors that can prove problematic to effective communication.

If your loved one has difficulty speaking, ESB Home and Health Care will help. Their staff is dedicated to helping people communicate clearly by providing speech therapy. Learn more about the company and their services by visiting them online. For any questions, give them a call at (862) 444-3460.

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