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How an All-Girls Education Can Foster Lifelong Friendships September 5, 2017

South Bronx, Bronx
How an All-Girls Education Can Foster Lifelong Friendships, Bronx, New York

School systems across America are overwhelmingly co-ed. Preston High School in the Bronx, NY, on the other hand, has maintained an all-girls Catholic education institution since 1947. In that time, they’ve found that an all-girls education can result in extremely meaningful, lifelong friendships. Read on to understand how this environment is conducive to such relationships. 

How an All-Girls Education Can Foster Lifelong Friendships

For starters, single-gender schools tend to have smaller enrollment numbers. This close proximity in a majority of classes means the girls have more opportunity to communicate. For example, two students who attend geometry, English, and biology can get to know one another quickly even if they have never met before. 

Further, a family typically chooses to enroll their daughter in a private high school that matches their values. This means that the students start out sharing many important core beliefs, such as religion. Friendships, similar to romantic relationships, last longer if the individuals are on the same page about big picture topics. 

all-girls educationAll-girls education also allows female students to be themselves without fear of judgement from their male counterparts or the general distraction of dating. For example, a girl in this environment may feel more confident in joining an engineering club that may be male dominated in another school. This involvement also allows girls to meet fellow classmates who share their interests, which can easily develop into lifelong friendships.

Finally, some private school educations keep classes together from elementary school through high school graduation. Growing up with a particular group naturally leads to deeper and more permanent connections than friends who spend only a couple of years together.

While there are pros and cons to any educational setup, providing your daughter with a quality all-girls education can set the stage for truly special friendships. Preston High School wants to be the all-girls high school home for your student that helps form those relationships while developing a well-rounded young woman. Contact the staff at (718) 863-9134 or visit their website for more information about the schools and its programs.

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