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How Pressure Washing Can Make Your Home’s Exterior Look Brand-New September 8, 2017

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How Pressure Washing Can Make Your Home’s Exterior Look Brand-New, Ossining, New York

If your home’s exterior looks a bit lackluster lately, pressure washing is a great way to restore its appearance. This super-effective cleaning technique rids your home of unwanted grime and buildup, revealing gorgeous siding and a fresh-looking façade.

Pressure washers aren’t like normal garden hoses. They can blast away stubborn mildew and dirt with water jets that have as much as 75 times more pressure than regular hoses. These high levels can tackle even the most stubborn caked-on buildup.

pressure washing Westchester County NYWhen your home is pressure washed, the siding will look brand-new or like it had a fresh coat of paint. To reap the best results, you should have your home pressure washed regularly. Dirt can accumulate over the course of one year, so annual washings are ideal for most homeowners.

Additionally, pressure washing is a form of preventative maintenance. Not only will it keep harmful bacteria like mold away from your home, but it can also extend the life of your paint and siding, saving you money on frequent repainting jobs in the long run.  


If you’re interested in receiving affordable pressure washing services in Westchester County, NY, let leading team of experts at CET Painting help make your home look new again. You can reach their friendly staff by calling (914) 615-1415 to set up a complimentary consultation. You can also learn more about their services by visiting their website or liking them on Facebook.

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