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5 Key Signs to Replace Your Window Treatments August 25, 2017

Mililani Mauka, Honolulu
5 Key Signs to Replace Your Window Treatments, Mililani Mauka, Hawaii

Window treatments are a wonderful way to prevent incoming light while sprucing up your home’s interior. However, as the professionals at Window Concepts in Mililani, HI, explain, if your coverings are worn or outdated, they may detract from the allure of your home. Below, these installation professionals share how to tell you should replace your window treatments.

5 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Windows

Bent or Broken Slats

blindsOverexposure to humidity and heat can seriously damage your blinds. Wood and faux wood will warp, fade, break, bend, or rot in extreme temperatures. Pets and children are another common cause of bent and broken blinds. If you have a curious cat or small child in the home, chances are your blinds are worse for wear.

Unreliable Control

Do you struggle to close or raise your blinds? If so, it may be a sign that the lifting mechanism is damaged, indicating that the blinds may be close to collapsing. 

Staining & Discoloration

Have your window treatments changed color since you purchased them? Sun damage from extreme weather can cause your drapes, shutters, and blinds to fade over time. Though this has little impact on their functionality, discolored or faded window treatments can be an eyesore.


Window treatments prevent sunlight from entering your home and provide you and your family with a sense of privacy. In time, however, slats may cease to close properly, allowing light to leak in and increasing your energy bills.

Frayed Cords

A broken cord may result in your blinds falling out of the mounting or window. As such, it’s important to examine your blind’s cords for signs of fraying and excessive wear. Though it is possible to replace these cords on your own, the process of restringing can be extremely time-consuming and tedious. 

If you need new window treatments on Oahu, Window Concepts is the company to call. Locally owned and operated with over 22 years of experience, they offer a full range of window solutions ranging from aluminum blinds and roman shades to interior shutters. Visit the company online or call (808) 626-1966 to schedule your free window measurement.