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5 Reasons to Sign Up for Archery Classes This Fall August 25, 2017

Belleville, Essex County
5 Reasons to Sign Up for Archery Classes This Fall, Belleville, New Jersey

If you have never tried archery, you are missing out. There’s nothing like the feeling of the power and precision you get when shooting a bow, and the sport has practical applications like bowhunting, as well. Below, the friendly team at Bullet Hole Annex in Belleville, NJ, shares why you should enroll the whole family in archery classes this fall.

5 Things You Will Get Out of Taking Archery Classes

1. Stronger Core

Archery requires good balance and strength. When you attend classes, you will work the muscles needed to remain steady while you aim the bow and take your shot, and this will ultimately result in a stronger core — and a healthier you — over time.

2. More Quality Time With Your Family

archery classesPeople of all ages and abilities can try archery at Bullet Hole Annex, which means their classes are fun for the whole family. It’s an excellent opportunity for everyone to spend quality time together without your smartphones or tablets interrupting.

3. Better Concentration

Archery requires intense mental focus and forces you to clear your mind to concentrate on hitting each target. With enough practice, this kind of focus will carry over into the rest of your life and serve as an effective way to relieve stress and anxiety. Once you learn how to silence the inner chatter, you can focus on what really matters.

4. Healthy Sense of Competition

Team sports are fun, but nothing beats the sense of accomplishment you get from doing something awe-inspiring on your own. If you fall in love with archery, you can go on to compete at the local, state, and national levels.

5. More Confidence

Shooting a bow is thrilling, and archery can build confidence faster than almost any other sport. Even though it is challenging to master, it is fairly easy to pick up, and you can even hit a target before the first class ends.

If you want to enroll in archery classes, head to Bullet Hole Annex in Belleville, NJ. Their dedicated instructors and computerized target system make it easy for anyone to learn! Check out their website for more information about their state-of-the-art indoor archery range, and call (973) 759-8800 to sign up today. 

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