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Cindy E. Levitz, L.Ac. — a licensed acupuncturist in New York City, NY - takes a modern approach to acupuncture, the ancient Chinese medical art of stimulating energetic points on the body to relieve a variety of health concerns. This practice offers customized care to help individuals restore health through pain-free holistic treatment strategies. It is an effective approach to most health issues including back, neck and shoulder pain, fatigue, stress and mood disorders, women's and men's health, digestive problems and others.

Is Acupuncture Painful? Here Are the Facts You Should Know September 5, 2017

NoMad, Manhattan
Is Acupuncture Painful? Here Are the Facts You Should Know, Manhattan, New York

If you’ve never experienced acupuncture, it’s understandable to have some questions about the procedure. Specifically, most people want to know the answer to one common concern: is acupuncture painful? Though there are needles involved, patients feel only a slight tingle. If you’re considering treatment, but are worried about pain, understanding the process will likely alleviate your fear.

Safe & Painless Process

Acupuncture Needles Are Very Thin

acupunctureOfficially called “acupuncture filaments,” the tools of the trade are as thin as a strand of hair or a piece of fine thread. First-time patients tend to be pleasantly surprised by the gentle sensation, especially when they work with a skilled, licensed acupuncturist. Some people even fall asleep during treatment.

The Needles Are Sterile & Safe

Acupuncture needles are generally made from stainless steel with a copper, plastic, or steel handle. They come in a range of widths, and your licensed acupuncturist will select the appropriate needle depending on what your treatment requires; sometimes they use various sizes for different areas of your body.

The Benefits 

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese art that has been used for centuries to treat everything from mood disorders to pain. Some people use it to alleviate neck or back discomfort, as well as for anxiety or sports injuries. A professional will discuss your needs ahead of time to tailor your treatment accordingly. 


If you’re interested in acupuncture, turn to the seasoned and licensed professional, Cindy E. Levitz, L.Ac., at Acupuncture and Health in New York City, NY. She has over two decades of experience and an M.S. in acupuncture, a postgraduate degree in Chinese Herbal Medicine, and certification in sports medicine acupuncture. For a complimentary consultation, call today at (212) 924-8034. You can also read more about the benefits of this treatment online.

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