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Curb & Gutter Work: 3 Reasons Repairs Are Important August 18, 2017

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Curb & Gutter Work: 3 Reasons Repairs Are Important, Troy, Alabama

Curbs and gutters serve an important purpose, keeping parking lots and roads level, separating the borders between paved and unpaved areas, and making sure surface materials are secure. That’s why the professionals at Dothan, AL-based Midsouth Paving say it’s important to repair curb and gutter work as soon as you notice a problem.

Below, the paving contractors highlight three reasons repairing damaged curb and gutter work is necessary:

  • curb and gutter workHelps Channel Water: If curbs and gutters are eroded or covered with debris, they can’t channel rainwater away from the pavement. Instead, the liquid collects under the pavement surface. The moisture causes the material to expand, contracting once it dries. This causes strain on the surface, making it vulnerable to cracks and potholes from the pressure of traffic loads. Immediate repairs and proper maintenance will prevent this. 
  • Extends Pavement Life Expectancy: Curbs and gutters are thick borders, securing the inner pavement in place. Because the durable framework holds pavement steady, it bounces back more easily from the shock of vehicle weight and heavy equipment. This extends the life expectancy of the surface. 
  • Reduces Risk of Accidents: When curbs and gutters are in need of repair, they can’t provide adequate barriers between paved areas and treacherous terrain. This increases the chances of drivers getting in accidents or damaging the tires, bumpers, and undercarriage of their vehicles. You can avoid these issues—and possible liability—by fixing the affected areas. 

If you need construction services or curb and gutter work repair for commercial projects, major roadways, or large-scale industrial jobs, the team at Midsouth Paving is happy to help. With locations throughout Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and the Florida Panhandle, they are ready to deliver high-quality service when you need it. To schedule an appointment and learn more about the company’s eco-friendly asphalt paving solutions, call (334) 712-7500 today. 

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