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Cable Internet Provider Highlights 5 Ways to Keep Kids Safe Online August 21, 2017

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Cable Internet Provider Highlights 5 Ways to Keep Kids Safe Online , Lavonia, Georgia

Whether you’re concerned about your little ones seeing inappropriate content or sharing private information online, there are many things you can do to create safe Internet use for children. As a company dedicated to providing South Carolina and Georgia residents with secure cable Internet, TruVista details some of the best strategies to help young users get the most out of their fast connection without putting themselves in danger.

5 Cable Internet Safety Tips for Kids

1. Install Security Software

Children are prone to clicking away, potentially downloading unapproved programs that actually contain spyware and viruses and putting your family’s personal information at risk. To help protect your family member’s identities, it’s a good idea to install trustworthy Internet security software, such as those that provide antivirus, antimalware, and antispyware capabilities.

2. Turn on Parental Controls

Parental controls can often be turned on through web browsers, operating systems, and security software to block certain types of content from being accessed. You can adjust your preferences—or simply block specific websites—to create an online experience that you feel is appropriate for your child. You can also log their history if you want to keep an eye on their activity.

3. Discuss Dangers

cable InternetWhen your child is old enough, it’s worth having a discussion about Internet safety and why it matters. For example, you might explain that sharing personal information with strangers can result in getting your identity stolen or putting yourself in physical danger.

4. Set Rules

Depending your specific concerns, establishing some house rules for Internet use can go a long way in increasing Internet safety. For example, you may limit a child’s online activity to a few hours a day or set a curfew. It’s also important to let them know that they should come to you if they notice something strange or upsetting online.

5. Stay Cautious About Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a major problem among today’s youth and can be hard to prevent given the expansive social networking and communication methods that the Internet provides. Fortunately, if you’re worried about your child being cyberbullied, there are programs you can use to block specific people from contacting them.  To limit cyberbullying risks, you should also educate kids about staying smart about what they post on social media.

As a comprehensive communications company in South Carolina and Georgia, TruVista can help you establish safe and enjoyable cable Internet in your home. Whether you need help setting up secure Wi-Fi connections or addressing virus concerns, these experts understand the best ways to network your home. They can also equip you with a reliable home security system to increase your family’s safety 24 hours a day. To schedule installation of any of their services, contact a friendly associate today at (803) 385-2191.

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