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4 Safety Tips & Must-Have Equipment for Student Drivers August 29, 2017

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4 Safety Tips & Must-Have Equipment for Student Drivers, Buffalo, Minnesota

Taking a car out onto the open road can be a daunting experience for student drivers. Keeping important safety tips in mind and knowing what should always be kept in your car, however, can help inexperienced drivers feel more at ease behind the wheel. While many vehicular issues can be fixed by an auto mechanic, you won’t always have that luxury. These tips will help keep you safe and let you handle emergency situations like a professional.

4 Safety Tips for Student Drivers

1. Seat Belts & Car Capacity

Simply put, seat belts save lives. In fact, wearing a seat belt decreases the risk of a fatal injury by 45%. Before cruising off, make sure everyone in the car is securely buckled up. Also, if there isn’t a seat belt available for every passenger, you likely have too many people in the car. Never try to pack a vehicle with more people than intended.

2. Cautious Driving

Driving on a beautiful sunny day isn’t the same as during a rainstorm or blizzard. Always be aware of the current road conditions and adjust your speed and maneuvers accordingly. Among other things, increase the distance between you and other vehicles, turn on your headlights if the wipers are needed, and reduce your brake pressure when driving in inclement weather.

3. Smartphone Distractions

If you’re checking your social media page or texting your friend, you’re not fully concentrated on driving. Distraction from smartphones can have fatal consequences, so save the texting or chatting until you’ve arrived at your destination.

4. Jumper Cables & Tire Equipment

auto mechanicWhen an auto mechanic isn’t available, having a pair of jumper cables will come in handy if your vehicle won’t start or you come across someone who needs a jump-start. After making sure both vehicles are off, connect one end of the positive cable to the positive terminal dead battery. Then, connect the other end of the positive cable to the good battery’s positive terminal. For the negative cable, connect one end to the negative terminal of the good battery and the other end to an unpainted metal surface under the stalled car’s hood. Start the active car and let it run for two or three minutes before attempting to start the stalled car.

A spare tire that’s in good condition should also be kept in your trunk along with a tire jack and tire iron. Before changing a flat, make sure you’re in a safe location away from traffic. Loosen the wheel lugs and use your jack to raise the car. Remove the tire, affix the spare, and lower the car back down. Finally, re-tighten the lugs.

You should also keep a tire pressure gauge in your car. Regularly checking your tires with the gauge will increase their life span and help prevent accidents by adjusting the pressure when it’s too high or low.


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