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Rock Hill Accident Attorneys Discuss Steps to Take After an Auto Accident August 29, 2017

Downtown Rock Hill, Rock Hill
Rock Hill Accident Attorneys Discuss Steps to Take After an Auto Accident, Rock Hill, South Carolina

How you handle the moments directly following an auto accident are crucial. Most people are understandably shaken immediately after the event. The attorneys at Love-Sloan Law, LLC in Rock Hill, SC, represent numerous individuals who have experienced car collisions; they advise the importance of keeping a clear head and following the proper protocol to ensure the best possible outcome later on.

Drawing on 20 years of experience, here they discuss the best way to proceed if it happens to you:  

Move to Safety & Call 911

Get your car out of traffic if you can do it safely. If you can’t, turn the vehicle off, put it in park, set the emergency brake, and turn the hazards lights on. Call 911 and check on your passengers, the other vehicle’s occupants, and any pedestrians involved.

Document the Scene

accident attorneyTake pictures of any auto accident injuries and property damage. Exchange names, insurance companies, and contact information with the other driver. Get passengers’ and bystanders’ names and phone numbers, and ask them what they saw or heard. Find out if they have pictures and video of the events. When police arrive, ask them to make an accident report and how to get a copy. Finally, write down their names and badge numbers too.  

Seek Medical Treatment 

Even a minor impact can cause personal injuries that may not be obvious immediately. Getting a thorough medical examination protects your health and helps your attorney support your auto accident injury claims. 

Contact Your Insurance Company

Give your insurer the information they need to open your claim—but be cautious in making statements. Accident attorneys warn that even saying, “I’m sorry,” can be used against you as admitting fault. Immediately after the event, your lawyer will protect your interests throughout the process, and work to achieve maximum recovery for your auto accident injury. 

At Love-Sloan Law, LLC, attorneys provide vigorous representation for clients throughout York, Lancaster, Chester and Cherokee County areas. You can depend on their legal knowledge, skill, and dedication to obtain full compensation. If you need counsel, call (803) 326-0000 to schedule a free consultation. For more about the firm, visit their website.

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