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Bluefield Electricians Explain the Basics of How Power Generators Work September 5, 2017

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Bluefield Electricians Explain the Basics of How Power Generators Work, Bluefield, West Virginia

Every property owner should have a generator — these handy machines provide electrical power to homes, businesses, and outdoor equipment when regular service isn't available. The electricians at Hylton’s Electric Connection in Bluefield, WV, specialize in repairing these devices and say understanding how they work will prepare you to use one when you need it. Their electrical contractors share an overview of how generators operate and ways to use them safely.

Electricians Explain How Generators Work

Key Components

Most power generators comprise an internal combustion engine, alternator, starter, fuel tank, and outlets. The number of outlets depends on the generator wattage; the more powerful the equipment, the more devices you can plug into it at once. All components are secured in a metal housing or framework.

Electricity Production

Electrician Bluefield WVWhen you start a generator’s gas-powered engine, it puts the alternator in gear so it can produce electrical power. To begin the process, a portable generator must be turned on manually by using a pull-start or connecting the cord to the inlet box or transfer switch. Standby systems are permanent fixtures with automatic on and off switches. 

Proper Safety Procedures

Although a generator is a temporary fix when a permanent electrical system fails, it produces plenty of power, so never plug one into a standard outlet. If your system isn’t isolated from the electrical grid, it could cause a surge to the power lines, putting service technicians and anyone else in the area in harm’s way. Plug generators into only transfer boxes or inlet switches. Always use a portable generator outside or in a well-ventilated area to avoid poisonous carbon monoxide. 

Don’t let accidents or severe weather leave you without a power source. Call Hylton's Electric Connection in Bluefield, WV, at (304) 325-3101 to schedule generator repair so you will be prepared. Their electricians provide everything from electrical wiring services to wireless networking equipment installation. Visit them online to discover why you should choose their electrical contractors to work on your system.

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