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Learning Center Shares How a Second Family Approach Is Improving Atlanta Graduation Rates September 5, 2017

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Learning Center Shares How a Second Family Approach Is Improving Atlanta Graduation Rates, East Point, Georgia

Future Foundation has one goal: To improve the lives of poverty-stricken youth and give them the confidence and skills needed to carve out a happy and healthy future. That begins with an appreciation for education. Based in Atlanta, GA, the learning center takes a “second family” approach to its program. That, combined with advanced education resources, is boosting graduation rates in the city.

learning centerWhat is it about this unique approach that is so effective? It turns out that the family connection is everything at the learning center. It’s what the Future Foundation credits for its “data-based disruption”–quite simply, shaking up expectations people may have of poverty-stricken youth. In this close-knit environment, success is the only possibility, and it’s proven daily because 100% of the foundation’s students go on to graduate high school and enroll in post-secondary institutions.

Future Foundation focuses on what they call an “ecosystem” of people. The goal is to infuse students’ lives with the support they might be missing in the traditional family environment. For those who grew up without the loving support of parents or guardians, that shift into compassion and care can be life changing. Whether they’re engaging in after school programs or tutoring services, students receive support they may not have realized they needed.

Their approach also builds confidence. It helps motivate students who might not recognize they are capable of achieving great things. Nothing is impossible, limitations aren’t imposed, and the second family helps drive students to be the best version of themselves. By creating a familial environment that increases trust and provides encouragement, the learning center has changed the game for impoverished youth who may not have had the chance to excel in high school before, much less graduate. The more that students feel they can count on those around them, the better they perform. It’s a priceless benefit–after all, nothing compares to family.

If you’re interested in learning more about how the dedicated team at Future Foundation can help your situation or that of someone you love, visit their website to learn more about their education programs, tutoring services, and life skill development opportunities. You can also call them at (404) 766-0510.

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