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3 Tips for Keeping an Electric Lawn Mower in Top Condition September 5, 2017

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3 Tips for Keeping an Electric Lawn Mower in Top Condition, Monroe, Connecticut

Electric lawn mowers have been gaining popularity due to their quieter and more eco-friendly operation. However, they require upkeep that might be different from what you’re used to with a gas-powered mower. L & R Power Equipment in Monroe, CT, is a leading retailer and independent dealer of outdoor power tools and equipment, including lawn mowers and landscaping devices. They share advice on caring for an electric mower to ensure the best performance.

3 Tips for Maintaining an Electric Lawn Mower

1. Keep It Clean

Electric lawn mower Monroe CTGrass and soil residue can affect the performance of your mower by dulling the blade and mower deck. Clear away clippings and dirt after each use and make sure the ventilation system is free of debris so air can pass through the mower and prevent overheating. Check fasteners and bolts to ensure they’re secure.

2. Follow Instructions

Mower manufacturers provide specific service information for every piece of equipment they sell. Ignoring these instructions can lead to diminished performance and loss of power. If you have a corded electric lawn mower, check the insulation to ensure it’s intact before each use. If you find a break in the insulation, use electrical tape to patch it and protect the wiring inside. If you have a battery-powered unit, it’s essential not to overcharge it because it could damage the mower’s components.

3. Store It Properly During the Winter

While it’s important to clean your mower after each use, it’s even more critical in the offseason. Before you put away your mower for the winter, clean and inspect it thoroughly and make necessary repairs. Consult your owner’s manual about maintenance and long-term storage of the battery.

A beautiful yard starts with high-quality equipment, and you'll find everything you need at L & R Power Equipment in Monroe, CT. Visit them online to check out their selection of electric lawn mowers, edgers, trimmers, blowers, and other yard-care tools. Call (203) 268-8400 to speak with a store associate and like them on Facebook for tips and product updates from the business.  

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