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3 Key Components of High-Quality Commercial Paving August 25, 2017

College Point, Queens
3 Key Components of High-Quality Commercial Paving, Queens, New York

While they're often overlooked, parking lots have a huge effect on the success of your company. Signs of damage and wear can be enough for customers to avoid a business, so when it's time for a replacement, choose a team that offers exceptional service.

Whether you have a project already scheduled or are still in the market for a contractor, there are three key components that set a company's commercial paving work apart from the rest. Look for these during your project to ensure you're receiving the highest quality service.

3 High-Quality Commercial Paving Features

1. Sub-Base Installation

Before hiring a commercial paving company, make sure they install a layer of gravel before laying the asphalt. Without this base, the surface won't properly handle the constant movement of weight from your customers' vehicles. It will quickly break apart, costing you the price of another replacement as well as potential earning from clients who want to avoid the construction zone surrounding your location.

2. Drainage System

commercial pavingProper drainage helps prevent flooding in your parking lot and reduce the risk of moisture-related accidents. Standing water can break down the asphalt, so the quicker it's removed, the less likely you'll have to pay for repairs. When you're meeting with your contractor, make sure they include drainage in your customized plan. If they don't, you may want to consider another company.

3. Smooth Surface

Take a close look at the finished work, and focus on their attention to detail and the overall smoothness of the top layer. Any signs of divots or unevenness should be viewed as an indicator of poor-quality work.


Need a new parking lot? For high-quality, superior commercial paving services, turn to the professionals at Grey-Ruso Construction in College Point, NY. For nearly 40 years, the team has served all five New York boroughs including Long Island and Queens. Learn about their work on Facebook or by calling (718) 358-1836.

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