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What to Expect From the First Pet Grooming Visit September 5, 2017

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What to Expect From the First Pet Grooming Visit, High Point, North Carolina

When you decide to take your pet for some TLC, you may be excited. Your pet, however, might be taken aback by the hectic environment, loud sounds, and strange equipment. As a well-meaning owner, it helps to understand what the first pet grooming appointment entails. Here, the professionals at High Point Veterinary Hospital in North Carolina offer insight to make the initial visit easier.

What to Know Before the First Pet Grooming Trip

1. Your Pet Will Be Handled Differently

pet groomingYou may cuddle your pet at home, but in a pet grooming facility, your furry friend will receive attention in less familiar areas, such as the ears and toes. Prepare your pet for this change by tickling them on the ears and between their toes to help them grow accustomed to the sensations. The more comfortable your pet is, the easier the grooming appointment will be.

2. Your Visit May Be Shorter

The initial session doesn’t have to be a lengthy affair. In fact, your groomer may opt for a shorter session to help your pet acclimate to the surroundings. After all, the first experience sets the tone for future visits. Your groomer might opt to bathe and brush your furry friend, as well as trim their nails or coat.

3. Your Pet Will Be Treated Gently

The cornerstone of every great grooming service is compassion. If your pet is young, they may be lightly restrained to make the service easier to perform. Bathing is also a gentle process. By nurturing your pet and treating them with care, both groomers and pet owners can enjoy a positive experience.

The more you bring your companion to the pet grooming facility, the more accustomed they will become to the whole experience. That’s important, because veterinarians recommend grooming as a regular part of your pet’s care program. If you’d like to schedule your pet for their first appointment, get in touch with the team at High Point Veterinary Hospital. Visit the animal hospital’s website to learn more, or call (336) 889-3832 to schedule an appointment.

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