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3 Signs You Need Emergency Garage Door Services August 25, 2017

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3 Signs You Need Emergency Garage Door Services, Greece, New York

Your garage door is more than a simple entryway to your home: it also impacts your safety and provides security for you and your family. This is why it’s imperative to have it repaired as soon as possible when it malfunctions. Automatic Garage Door Repair Service in Rochester, NY, specializes in emergency garage door services, and they’ve compiled some facts for you below to help determine when you have an emergency on your hands. 

When you have an issue with your garage, here are three scenarios where you should contact an emergency garage door service: 

  • Your Garage Door Refuses to Open: One of the most common problems requiring emergency garage door services is when your garage door refuses to open. This scenario may be due to any number of things, such as a broken spring or malfunctioning door opener. When this happens, contact a garage door repair professional immediately, especially if you’re unable to access your vehicle because it’s stuck in the garage. 
  • emergency-garage-door-servicesSafety Issues: If you have a garage door with a malfunctioning sensor, call an emergency repair professional to come and service it immediately. The sensors of your garage door opener prevent it from closing on your valuables, or anything obstructing it. If you have small children or pets who regularly play in the driveway or the yard, fixing your garage will ensure they don’t receive any injuries from a faulty garage door closing on them. 
  • Broken Components: Your garage door and opener work in tandem to open and close your garage; however, a broken component can easily complicate this process. Even something seemingly small, like a broken spring or bent track rail, can cost hundreds of dollars in repairs if it’s left unattended. It can also drastically impact the effectiveness and efficiency of your garage door opener, decreasing its life span. 

When you need emergency garage door services, don’t hesitate to call the professionals from Automatic Garage Door Repair Services at (585) 663-1180 to schedule an appointment. You can also follow them on Twitter for more helpful tips and regular service updates. For additional information, click here

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