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Fairbanks Computer Repair Shop Shares Tips for Troubleshooting Internet Signal Issues September 5, 2017

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Fairbanks Computer Repair Shop Shares Tips for Troubleshooting Internet Signal Issues, Fairbanks, Alaska

Whether you’re trying to relax or working online, there’s nothing more frustrating than a weak or dead internet signal. According to the specialists at ComputerWerks, Fairbanks, AK’s leading computer repair shop, signal problems occur for a number of reasons. Knowing how to troubleshoot the issue is the best way to find a resolution. This will help you get back online more quickly without having to call your service provider.

3 Tips for Troubleshooting Internet Signal Problems From the Computer Repair Pros

1. Check the Router & Modem

Many times, internet signals can be fixed by performing a simple network reset. Prior to this, look at your modem and router. Are all the correct lights flashing? Check the user manuals if you aren’t sure. If everything is powered up and working correctly, turn off both devices and unplug them. Wait 30 seconds, plug them back in, and allow them to reconnect. Try to connect to the internet once they’re completely rebooted.

2. Check the Device Configuration

computer repairWhether you’re using a computer, tablet, or phone, there are certain configurations your device needs to connect to the internet and, sometimes, to your specific Wi-Fi channel. Most computers have built-in troubleshooting systems to check your configurations. Run a diagnostics test to see if a problem appears. If there’s no solution, you may need a computer repair. You can also check your router configuration to ensure it’s updated.

3. Check the Computer’s Health

Sometimes, it’s not the internet signal or your connection that’s the issue. If your computer is infected with viruses, malware, or spyware, it can interrupt your internet connection or slow it to a crawl. Conduct a thorough sweep of your computer. You can use free software or subscription-based services for a full system check.

If you’re still experiencing issues, the professionals at ComputerWerks can assist you. They offer a variety of computer repair services, as well as new and used computers if you need a replacement. Call (907) 451-4888 today to speak with their staff about the problems you’re experiencing, and visit their website to learn more about their services.

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