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Questions You Should Ask Your Local Concrete Contractor August 31, 2017

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Questions You Should Ask Your Local Concrete Contractor, Middleburg, Pennsylvania

Whether you’re building a new home with a basement, adding a patio to your backyard, or replacing a damaged sidewalk, you’ll probably be on the hunt for a contractor to pour the concrete. Whatever company you select, they’ll need to have the expertise to do the job well.

Below, the experts share some questions you should ask any cementing contractor before you hire them:

Do You Have References?

Hiring a stranger to work on your property can seem like risky business, but when they prove they’ve provided satisfactory work for others in the past, you can feel better about working with them. Always ask for references from the contractors you hire so you know you can trust them.

How Much Will It Cost?

Ask for a quote before you sign on with a contractor. Normally, concrete pouring projects will cost anywhere from $4.75 to $8.00 per square foot. If your contractor is planning to take advantage of you, they’ll be caught off guard by this request. Once a quote is agreed on, make sure you get it in writing to protect yourself.

What’s the Timeframe of the Project?

Not only will the answer to this question tell you how soon the contractor can get to your project and how efficient they are in completing it, but it will also tell you how knowledgeable they are. If the concrete supplier you’re thinking about working with says you can start using the area within a week, they might not be the experienced contractor you need. Concrete needs to harden for at least two weeks before it’s used.

What Is Your Process for Pouring Concrete?

ConcreteAsk about their pouring process. To a degree, this will depend on local regulations and the purpose of the project. For instance, if you live in an area where the earth tends to shift, cement contractors will probably pour cement with stress joints to prevent cracking. Whatever their methods, learn beforehand exactly what their process is so you can follow along and understand what’s going on.

Do You Offer Warranties?

Another great thing to ask about is warranties. If you experience problems with your concrete after the job is done, see whether your contractor will come back and remedy the issue and at what cost. Also, ask about potential problems and how you can care for your new driveway. An ethical company will happily answer these questions.

Whatever your cement pouring needs are, Miller Concrete of Middleburg, PA, has the experience, dedication, and reliability you need for your cementing project. They can pour any-sized basements, walkways, and driveways within a reasonable time frame. Call them today at (570) 837-1993 for a free quote and visit their website to learn more.

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