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5 Things That Make You Vulnerable to Mosquito Bites September 21, 2017

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5 Things That Make You Vulnerable to Mosquito Bites, Hanover, Massachusetts

Mosquito bites are itchy, unsightly, and one of the most frustrating downsides of warm summer weather and backyard barbecue season. When the pesky insects swarm your party, you may notice that they seem attracted to some people more than others. Why is that? Below, Massachusetts’ mosquito control experts take a deeper dive into the science and theories behind mosquito attraction.

The following factors may increase your chance of being bitten.

Having Type O Blood

Mosquitoes have shown a strong preference for those with type O blood over those with type A, type B, and type AB blood. The reasons behind this preference are still unknown by mosquito control professionals.

mosquito controlBeing Pregnant

Mosquito antennae look for carbon dioxide, which humans exhale. Pregnant women produce 21% more carbon dioxide than other people, which makes them especially attractive to the bloodsucking pests.

Drinking Alcohol

Studies have shown that people who drink alcohol are more likely to attract mosquitoes due to the elevated levels of ethanol being excreted.

Being Overweight

Bigger people produce more carbon dioxide, which is known to attract mosquitoes. Also, larger people tend to produce more body heat, which is also a draw for the insects.

Wearing Black

Dark clothing, which helps you stand out among your environment, has been found to attract mosquitoes looking for their next meal.

To avoid mosquitoes, special measures must be taken. Mosquito Shield of South Shore, Cape Cod & South Coast offers a special mosquito control application that will help deter the dangerous insects from your property. To learn more about this effective mosquito treatment and how it will benefit you, call the experts at (781) 424-5697 or visit them online.

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