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FAQs About Casters & Carpet August 31, 2017

Garment District, Manhattan
FAQs About Casters & Carpet , Manhattan, New York

Casters come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes. They also work better on some surfaces than others. The professionals at Casters, Wheels and Industrial Handling in Farmingdale, NY, often receive questions about whether or not their casters will work well on carpeting, or if there is a type of caster specifically made for carpet use. To help clear up any confusion, they compiled some answers for you below. 

Top 4 FAQs About Using Casters on Carpet

Why Should I Have Casters in the Office? 

Casters aren’t just meant for industrial or manufacturing purposes. They’re also commonly used in the workplace to allow you to move desks, work chairs, large printers, and other types of machinery. They are also used to provide employees with a range of movement—it can be tough to sit in a stationary chair all day long, especially if you have multiple tasks that require a specific range of movement. 

Shouldn’t Caster-Mounted Office Chairs Move More Easily? 

Most office places are carpeted to provide noise dampening and allow for more comfort. However, such carpeting can be problematic when it comes to casters. Casters are made to move on rougher surfaces, so unless you have a particularly tight-knit fabric in the office, you’ll likely have a bit of resistance when you try to wheel around. 

Should I Change My Office Flooring? 

castersIn nearly every case, switching your office flooring will be much costlier than simply purchasing new casters for your office equipment. However, if this isn’t an option, you can also invest in plastic matting that will create a tougher surface for your casters to move around on. 

What’s the Solution for Using Casters in the Workplace? 

Some office chairs will come mounted with carpet casters, which are designed to have a wider range of movement, although even these can provide difficult to maneuver with certain carpeting. The best solution is to switch out those casters for ones that are specifically designed for your type of flooring. It might be necessary to discuss what you’re looking for with a caster and wheel specialist. 

Choosing the perfect casters for your workplace isn’t always easy, so if you need an expert opinion, turn to the team at Casters, Wheels and Industrial Handling. Having supplied top-quality mobility products since 1959, you can rest assured they have the experience and knowledge to help you choose the right option. Give them a call today at (631) 650-0500 to speak with a member of their team, and visit their website for more information. You can also like them on Facebook for more helpful tips and regular updates about their services. 

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