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Why Great Tree Cutting Services Prune Instead of Tree Topping August 23, 2017

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Why Great Tree Cutting Services Prune Instead of Tree Topping, West Hartford, Connecticut

If you have large trees on your property and are concerned that they’re growing too close to your home or electrical lines, you should look into a tree cutting service. But, be careful. Some commercial and residential tree services practice ‘tree topping,’ which is unsightly and unhealthy for the tree. Alton Tree Services of West Hartford, CT, knows the dangers of tree topping and the proper way to prune trees.

Tree topping is the method of cutting off the top branches of a tree so it forms a flat or cone-shaped top. This is frequently done in the name of protecting surrounding property like homes, buildings, or electrical wires but it can damage the structural integrity of the tree and look bizarre. This also tends to remove a good deal of the foliage which provides sustenance for the tree through the chlorophyll that transforms sunlight to sugar. The branches that will grow to replace those removed might come in at skewed angles and will not be healthy.

Tree Cutting ServiceThe best way to prune a tree is to start shaping it while it’s young. As it grows, branches that cross close to each other, small shoots or water spouts, and branches that do not grow out and up from the tree’s trunk should be removed. A professional tree cutting service also knows how to remove branches in a way that will cause the least stress on a tree. Large wounds can shock it and provide an entry point for insects and disease. Cultivating healthy trees requires careful pruning which can determine the shape and size of the tree as it grows.

If the tree is too tall and the upper branches have to be removed, there are healthier alternatives to tree topping. Crown reduction will thin out the upper branches without giving the tree a flat top, making it look more natural. Careful selection of the branches to be removed will also keep the tree healthy while protecting electric lines.

If you want to keep your trees healthy and beautiful, call Alton Tree Services. This tree cutting service also provides stump grinding and tree removal. With over a decade of experience, the tree experts at Alton Tree Services can keep your property safe and attractive. Contact them today at (860) 236-8027 and follow them on Facebook to learn more.

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