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Are You a Candidate for Mexico Insurance? August 24, 2017

Dumas, Moore
Are You a Candidate for Mexico Insurance?, Dumas, Texas

When you have auto insurance in the U.S., you’re covered no matter what other states you travel through. In most cases, your coverage should even apply when you drive into Canada. However, operating a motor vehicle in Mexico is a little bit different. In fact, Crop Insurance Solutions in Dumas, TX, reminds drivers that U.S. car insurance isn’t recognized in Mexico, which means you’ll have to get a Mexico insurance policy to be protected when you cross the border.

To determine whether you’re a candidate for Mexican insurance, the Moore County company offers the following considerations:

  • mexican insuraneDrive Your Own Car Into Mexico: To meet Mexico’s auto insurance laws, you must have a minimum level of valid coverage if you drive south of the border. Specifically, you’ll have to purchase Mexico insurance to cover damages and injuries in case of an auto accident. This policy is necessary no matter where you drive in the country—even those who visit “free zones” where Temporary Vehicle Importation Permits are not required.
  • Rent a Car in Mexico: You must also possess valid insurance if you rent and operate a vehicle within the country. In these cases, you’ll generally get your insurance through the rental agency, which will cover your vehicle for the specific duration of your travel. Since most rental car companies in the U.S. do not allow international travel, you’ll likely need to make these arrangements when you rent from a Mexican agency.
  • Operate a Watercraft in Mexico: Cars aren’t the only vehicles that need to be covered in Mexico. Any boat you plan to use within Mexican waters must be covered by a specific liability policy.

Although operating a vehicle within a foreign country is stressful, having a trusted insurance agent help you get adequate coverage will make the process smoother. As an insurance company located in Dumas, TX, Crop Insurance Solutions is familiar with Mexican regulations and can help equip you with a Mexico insurance policy at an affordable rate. To speak to an English- or Spanish-speaking representative and request an auto insurance quote, contact them online or call (806) 935-6512.  

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