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How Happy Hour Will Help Improve Your Work Life August 24, 2017

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How Happy Hour Will Help Improve Your Work Life, Milford, Connecticut

While you may not realize it, tasty alcoholic drinks and delicious restaurant appetizers have their place in business. Happy hour is a beloved tradition many workers take part in across the country, and though it may seem like a fun excuse to leave work early and enjoy a satisfying sip, the benefits are actually much broader. Happy hour can actually help improve your relationship with those you work with as well as improve your individual success within the corporate world. 

Happy Hour: What Is It & How Will It Help?

What Constitutes a Happy Hour?

happy hourSince the prohibition era, folks have practiced the happy hour tradition to enjoy some fun and relaxation with their peers before returning to their evening obligations. The beauty of the modern happy hour, however, is that it lends itself to a number of different interpretations depending on the preferences of those involved. While most events are scheduled for the end of the week, some companies choose to have early or mid-week socials to encourage their employees to take on the week and relax after hours. Some happy hours involve classic appetizers, like nachos or wings, while others simply focus on providing the perfect refreshment, like a margarita or mojito. 

How Will It Benefit Me Professionally?

When done responsibly, attending a happy hour with your superiors and co-workers can greatly improve the relationships you have within your company. This type of casual social event is perfect for mingling with those who are positioned above you and gives you the opportunity to speak with them on a more personal level, which helps build a stronger relationship. Happy hours are also an excellent way to get to know your professional peers, as they often act as a team-bonding exercise. The easygoing nature of a happy hour encourages co-workers to converse freely and form a close bond that will translate to teamwork and success in the office.


If you’re looking to plan a happy hour in Milford, CT, consider bringing your company to Fonda La Paloma. Since 1968, this local hotspot has been the go-to restaurant for classic Mexican food and tantalizing drinks that are sure to please every member of your corporate team. For more information, visit them online or give them a call today at (203) 693-2924. You can also find the restaurant on Facebook.

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