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5 Ways a Unified VoIP Telephone System Helps You Work Faster & Better September 4, 2017

Fort Dodge, Webster
5 Ways a Unified VoIP Telephone System Helps You Work Faster &  Better, Fort Dodge, Iowa

Does it seem as if you have a million tasks to complete at the office or are searching endlessly for contacts? Investing in a unified VoIP telephone system, which places calls over the internet, can help you work more efficiently. Bemrich Electric and Telephone in Fort Dodge, IA, knows the importance of staying on task in a busy workplace, which is why they recommend integrated VoIP telephone systems to business clients. They explain the advantages you’ll enjoy when you install one.

5 Benefits of a Unified VoIP Telephone System 


One of the primary benefits of a unified VoIP telephone system is it works across all platforms. You can access Bemrich Electric and Telephone’s unified communications plans anywhere in the world, making them ideal for people who work outside the office or travel often. 

One-Click Calling

A unified communication system lets you call anywhere with the click of a button. You won’t have to search for country codes to make international calls or look up local area codes to communicate with nearby companies. 

Multi-User Conferencing

VoIP telephone system Fort Dodge IASetting up a conference call can be time-consuming, which is why many office workers prefer to use a VoIP telephone system that offers conferencing flexibility. An integrated communication system lets you drag and drop users into your conversation easily, eliminating the need for complicated software programs and time-wasting setups. 

Contact Management

With a unified communications system, you can import and manage your contacts under one umbrella. This eliminates the need to search your address book every time you want to make a call or send an email. 


One of the most significant time-saving benefits of a unified VoIP telephone system is the ability to message partners instantly while you’re on a call. You can get answers for your clients without delay, avoiding the need to have a follow-up conversation. 

To learn how a unified VoIP telephone system from Bemrich Electric and Telephone will streamline your office’s daily operations, call (515) 955-3257 to speak with a business representative. Visit them online for information about other services they offer that will boost your business, including high-speed wireless networks and CCTV systems. Like them on Facebook for more tips from their electrical services team.

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