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5 Ways to Stay Safe While Waiting for Roadside Assistance September 4, 2017

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5 Ways to Stay Safe While Waiting for Roadside Assistance, Jeannette, Pennsylvania

If you drive to and from work or school regularly, you may encounter vehicle trouble that will require roadside assistance at some point. This may include engine breakdowns, getting locked out of your vehicle, or running out of fuel. When you experience problems, the first step to take is calling a tow truck. But you should also take additional precautions to stay safe while you’re waiting for help to arrive.

Use the Shoulder

Most highways have a shoulder where you can park your car during an emergency. If you can still accelerate your vehicle, maneuver it toward the side of the road to stay clear of oncoming traffic before calling emergency services.

Use Hazard Lights & Triangle Kits 

roadside assistanceIf your vehicle stopped in the middle of the road, turn on your hazard lights to signal that your car has a problem. Set up your emergency reflective triangle several meters behind your vehicle to warn other drivers of your situation.

Personal Safety

Prioritize your safety. If it’s daytime, stay on the shoulder of the highway after setting up your emergency triangle. At night, stay inside your vehicle and lock the doors instead. Do not open the door for anyone but highway patrol or the towing company, and make sure you see their credentials first.

Keep Calm 

Now that you and your car are safe from harm, you can relax and wait for the emergency team to arrive. It may take up to an hour for help to arrive, depending on your location, but rest assured that expert assistance can get you back on the road in no time.

Do you need roadside assistance? Gombach Towing & Auto Salvage has helped stranded drivers in Jeannette, PA, for over 30 years. With a full fleet of trucks, including heavy-duty equipment, the company will tow any type of vehicle to safety. If you simply need a jump-start or a tire change, they will handle that, too. Call them at (724) 744-4430 or visit them online in case of a roadside emergency.

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