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Why Every Student Should Have Back-To-School Eye Exams August 22, 2017

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Why Every Student Should Have Back-To-School Eye Exams, Kalispell, Montana

School is starting up once again. That means athletics, after school activities, and, of course, time spent learning in the classroom. To give your student the best experience possible, take them for eye exams before the first day of school. A professional optician, like those at Dolan Family Vision in Kalispell, MT, suggests that a student's eyesight can make or break their education.

Here are some reasons they outline students should receive eye exams before the start of the school year:

  • eye examsDon't Miss Important Information: Kids of all ages may experience some level of vision problems or colorblindness. In fact, approximately 10% of preschoolers alone are negatively impacted by either near or farsightedness. These issues, especially at such a young age, can greatly impact the ability to learn and understand. Because preschool is the fundamental building block for education, being able to absorb all the material is crucial.

  • Learn Through the Eyes: While some can take in information through listening alone, the vast majority learn through eyesight. Up to 80% of people require vision in order to remember and learn. If a student of any age is unable to read the white board and take proper notes, they are more likely to forget important information.

  • Prevent Other Issues: If left untreated, poor vision can affect more than just a student’s ability to see. In the long run, attention span, eye pain, headaches, and even symptoms of ADHD can begin to appear. Visit an eye doctor yearly for eye exams to ensure your child is receiving any correction they require. This not only helps them in the classroom, but it prevents even more harmful side effects from occurring.

For your child to receive the absolute best education possible, go to a vision center for eye exams. Corrections such as contact lenses or eyeglasses can help them excel in the classroom and in life. If you need an optician, consider Dolan Family Vision in Kalispell, MT. For more information, visit their website or call (406) 756-8420 today.

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