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Moving to Hawaii? This Is the Best Time to Do It August 24, 2017

Pearl City, Ewa
Moving to Hawaii? This Is the Best Time to Do It, Ewa, Hawaii


Moving to Hawaii from the mainland is a big commitment that requires extensive planning. However, the cultural payoff is unbeatable, and with proper preparation, you’ll be able to make your move seamless. It’s smart to consider the time of year in which you plan your move—there are many conveniences that come with avoiding specific seasons. Weighing these options may help you get the best deal on housing, travel, and moving services.


movingWeather can significantly impact your travel and moving arrangements. It can also affect moving costs. Hawaii is known for its beautiful, extended summers that provide the ideal weather for traveling and moving. This also coordinates with the weather on the mainland US, so shipping your belongings shouldn’t be a problem. During summer, there is also less demand for inter-island moving, as families don’t want to uproot due to their children. This may help you find a better deal once your items arrive. You can also count on the fact that inclement weather likely won’t interrupt your trip at any juncture.


Whether you’re renting an apartment or buying a home can impact when you should move to Hawaii. Many seasonal factors can inflate rental prices, and by carefully planning your move, you can avoid this. Generally, rent increases occur during late autumn to early spring. Many long-term vacationists and seasonal residents rent during these months, so property owners increase prices. During summer, there is far less demand, so you’re more likely to find the cheapest deal. If you’re planning on buying a home, late spring and early summer are also when you’re most likely to find a more stable real estate market.


If you’re planning a move to Hawaii and need movers when you arrive, turn to M. Dyer & Sons, Inc. As the premier Honolulu movers, they offer comprehensive services throughout Oahu, Pearl Harbor, and adjacent areas. Call (808) 456-4200 today to speak with their staff and visit their website and Facebook to learn about their storage services.

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