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3 Psychological Benefits of Singing Lessons August 24, 2017

South Beach, Staten Island
3 Psychological Benefits of Singing Lessons, Staten Island, New York

When you’re looking at music summer camp and lesson options for your children, you have a lot of choices. As you try to narrow down your options to something that your child will both enjoy and benefit from, consider the mental impact of the activity. Singing lessons, for example, provide a wide range of psychological benefits. 

In addition to the physical enjoyment and practical uses, your child can enjoy some wonderful mental gains as they attend singing lessons:

  • singing lessonsStress Relief: Singing takes a great deal of concentration. A singer must focus completely on the music and their technique to grow and improve. This attention provides an effective stress relief, as they forget about their other concerns and focus on the music.
  • Happiness: Joy is notoriously difficult to measure, but scientists have been able to track endorphins, the chemical released in the brain that leads to happiness. They have found that while singing, more endorphins are released than they are during other daily activities. As a result, lessons can be a great way to fend off depression.
  • Self-Assurance: Mastering a new skill leaves students feeling confident and accomplished. Those who sing in a structured environment are more likely to enjoy strong self-confidence, which will improve their quality of life. Learning to sing also gives them a talent they can show off to others for an extra boost to their self-esteem, whether it’s singing as part of a program or going out with friends to karaoke.


Singing lessons are perfect for people of all ages, so it’s never too late or too early to sign up. Contact DEA Music and Art in Staten Island, NY, at (718) 370-7733 to talk about their available programs and choose one that’s right for you or your kids. They have a wide range of other options to suit all members of the family, from theater summer camp to piano lessons.

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