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Ohio’s Top Used Car Dealers Explain the 5 Items to Have in Your Car at All Times August 30, 2017

Bond Hill, Cincinnati
Ohio’s Top Used Car Dealers Explain the 5 Items to Have in Your Car at All Times, Cincinnati, Ohio

No matter whether you’re driving a used car or a brand-new one, it’s smart to be as prepared as possible for any incidents that happen on the road. With some guidance from a veteran car dealership, you can expertly stock your vehicle. Based in Cincinnati, OH, Alford Motors, Inc. has earned a reputation as a premier authority on cars and trucks. In addition to setting you up with outstanding used cars, the staff will help you become a better car owner. Below is a list by the experts detailing which items you should always have in your vehicle once you drive it off the lot.

Used Car Experts’ 5 Most Essential Items to Have in Your Vehicle

Jumper Cables

It’s extremely frustrating—and potentially dangerous—when your car battery dies, leaving your car stranded on the road. To avoid being stuck for hours, you can enlist the help of another vehicle if you have jumper cables.  

First Aid Kit

used carsAccidents happen even if you’re an extraordinarily diligent driver, so it’s crucial to be prepared for any situation. If any passenger is injured, you want to be ready to take care of them as you wait for paramedics. 


The aftermath of an accident can be extremely perilous without the right tools. Approaching traffic may not be able to see that your car has stopped, especially if it’s at night, so having flares will give them a warning. 

Pressure Gauge

Driving with minimally-inflated tires is a recipe for a bad accident. When you have a gauge in the car, you’ll remember to check the pressure level regularly. 

Cell Phone

It may seem like an afterthought, but a cell phone may be the single most important item you have in your car. If anything happens on the road, you can immediately call for help. 

To acquire a used car that runs like new, head over to Alford Motors, Inc. You can speak to a friendly staff member by calling (513) 821-3010. Learn more about the used car dealership by visiting their website

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