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Choosing the Right Sump Pump: Cincinnati Plumber Lists 5 Points to Consider August 22, 2017

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Choosing the Right Sump Pump: Cincinnati Plumber Lists 5 Points to Consider, Norwood, Ohio

When flooding occurs, the safety of your home’s basement will rely on the power of your sump pump—a type of water pump that takes water and moves it out of the sump basin in the basement. However, equipping your basement with a reliable sump pump isn’t always straightforward, as there are many types of devices that can provide the service you need. As dedicated plumbers of Cincinnati, OH, we at Allied Reddi-Rooter highlight some important qualities to keep in mind when selecting a new pump.

5 Factors to Consider When Asking a Plumber to Install a New Sump Pump  

1. Pedestal or Submersible Pumps

plumberIf your sump basin is small or narrow, you may only be able to have a pedestal model: a pump where the motor is placed outside of the basin. However, many homeowners prefer submersible pumps. Submerged in the basin water, the submersible pump’s motor can stay cool and run more efficiently and quietly than the pedestal design. 

2. Battery Power  

If your sump pump runs solely on AC power, it will not work when the power goes out—a common occurrence when heavy storms occur. As such, it’s often recommended that homeowners install a sump pump that runs on a battery or offers combination AC/battery power.  

3. Switch Type

Switches automatically alert the device to start working when water reaches a certain level, but not all switches are the same.

If you have a bigger, deeper basin, you may want a tether switch that turns on when the floating tether reaches a certain level. This helps ensure that the motor can take longer breaks in between pumping sessions, which helps the device last longer. However, if you have a smaller pit, you’ll need a switch that works more frequently, such as a vertical or electronic switch.

4. Horsepower

The amount of horsepower (HP) your pump provides will determine how fast the water can be pumped out. For most homes, a model with 1/3 HP is typically sufficient to keep water levels where they need to be. However, if you’ve had problems with previous sump pumps, you may want to ask your plumber about a 1/2 or 3/4 HP model.

5. Corrosion Resistance

Although most pumps will be made from corrosion-resistant materials, it’s always important to check before installation. If a pump or its motor is susceptible to rust, it can wear out more quickly—especially if it is used to process water on a regular basis.

If your current sump pump isn’t doing its job, you may not need to replace it. Instead, call the professional plumbers at Allied Reddi-Rooter to find out if sump pump repair can help you efficiently and effectively prevent water damage. Understanding every facet of pump operation, our team can quickly and reliably fix mechanical problems—and help you select the best model if replacement is necessary. If you’re worried about basement flooding, choose Allied Reddi-Rooter as your Cincinnati, OH, plumbing contractor and call us at (513) 396-5300.

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