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4 Bathroom Remodeling Trends to Consider August 30, 2017

Greenburgh, Westchester
4 Bathroom Remodeling Trends to Consider, Greenburgh, New York

Gaudy and overstated bathroom features of yesteryear are making way for sleek and functional designs. With this in mind, the flooring and tiling experts at ABP Corporation advises homeowners to revamp their bathroom’s look with current decor trends. Serving the Elmsford, Scarsdale, Hartsdale, and White Plains regions in New York, they share some modern bathroom remodeling ideas to help create a warm and practical space.

Top 4 Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Double Vanities

A single vanity can prove to be an impractical choice if you share the bathroom with your significant other. Replacing it with a double vanity provides ample space for both of you to store your daily essentials without cluttering up the space. Remodeling experts also recommend installing power outlets inside the cabinet compartments to keep unsightly appliance wires hidden from plain view.

Creative Wall Designs

Bathroom RemodelingCurrent bathroom remodeling designs step away from dull and drab neutrals and encourage homeowners to experiment with different wall accents. You can choose to showcase your aesthetic sense through creative backsplashes or opt for wall designs that truly represent your personal taste.

Toilet Placement

Creative placement of your toilet bowl is essential if you want to prevent it from drawing attention away from your decor. One way to keep it hidden from plain view is to create a partition between the toilet and the rest of your bathroom. You could also strategically position it behind the vanity to avoid making it the center of attention.

Practical Features

Modern bathroom remodeling concepts are all about infusing practicality while maintaining the aesthetic value of your space. Slip-resistant floors, shower seats, and grab bars are some design features that increase your bathroom’s utility for years to come. Elmsford’s leading flooring contractors also recommend installing bright lighting fixtures to ensure proper illumination.

Having the experts at ABP Corporation at your service is a reassurance that you’ll receive nothing less than top-tier bathroom remodeling solutions. Learn more about their extensive range of bathroom and kitchen remodeling services by calling (914) 562-2783, or take a tour of their website.