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How 3 Childhood Habits Can Harm Future Appearance September 28, 2017

Murray Hill, Manhattan
How 3 Childhood Habits Can Harm Future Appearance, Manhattan, New York

Parents are constantly nipping their children’s habits in the bud. You might start to feel like a tyrant for telling them not to slouch, to chew with their mouths open — it’s easy to forget that habits often taken for granted weren’t always second nature. Some advice from Dr. Leonard Kundel of Stamford, CT: this only makes it more important that you work to eliminate these habits every day. If you encourage your child not to slouch out of fear for their future bodily growth, understand that it is paramount you correct their oral posture as well — in protection of their future facial growth. Dr. Leonard Kundel recommends parents stay vigilant for these three oral bad habits.

Incorrect Tongue Position

TheDr. Leonard Kundel tongue is meant to rest against the roof of the mouth — during childhood facial growth, the pressure of the tongue encourages proper outward growth of the upper jaw. Proper growth of this part of the jaw helps prevent underbite and enlarges the palate, allowing the tongue space to move. When children don’t have enough space for the tongue on the palate, they will often bring the tongue into the back of the throat — impeding proper breathing.

Aberrant Swallowing

The swallow reflex is one of the most complex in the human body, making it particularly susceptible to dysfunction. By age six, 50% of children will have developed some swallow issue. Selective activity upon swallow-related muscles can lead to improper overall growth, including the development of an overbite and extended head posture.

Mouth Breathing

This is the easiest-detected oral habit that Dr. Leonard Kundel tests for — yet it has some of the most widely-ranging consequences. Nasal breathing is essential to the structure of human posture. In mouth breathing, the jaw’s constant opening and closing for respiration cause elongation of the head posture as well as downward growth of the lower jaw. This disruption in growth manifests as a poorly-defined jaw, weak chin, and weaker cheek line.

Much like uneven spinal posture leads to improper growth, oral posture has an intimate relationship with the growth of the face. Unfortunately, detecting your child’s preference for resting their tongue on the floor of the mouth isn’t as easy as slouching. That’s why Dr. Leonard Kundel administers comprehensive, non-invasive tests for a wide variety of dangerous oral habits. Protect your child’s future appearance by bringing them to Dr. Leonard Kundel for examination. Call him at (203) 487-6020 today to schedule an appointment or visit his website for more information.

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