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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Seeking Portable Restrooms for Rent August 28, 2017

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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Seeking Portable Restrooms for Rent, Lake Havasu City, Arizona

If you have an important event coming up, a critical aspect of ensuring attendee comfort and satisfaction is providing ample bathroom facilities. Finding portable restrooms for rent isn’t complicated, but there are a few serious mistakes you should be careful not to make.

Here are some important “don’ts” for setting up portable toilets at your next occasion.

  • Not Doing Research: Find a reputable source to provide you with high-quality portable restrooms for rent. When looking for a company near your event, make sure the options you consider have a reputation for cleanliness. They should also answer any questions you have and provide amenities, such as hand sanitizers, to ensure the cleanest possible experience. Additionally, look for customer reviews and at least a decade of experience so you know you’re working with a dependable team.   
  • portable restrooms for rentUnderestimating Attendance: A common mistake planners make is renting too few toilets to properly accommodate their guests. To determine the appropriate number, consider two key factors: the length of the event and the projected number of attendees. To avoid long lines and unsanitary conditions, have two portable toilets for every 50 people. You’ll also need additional facilities for events lasting more than a couple of hours. Your rental company can recommend a precise number based on your needs.
  • Failing to Place Them Strategically: Your portable toilets should be located in an accessible location, yet removed enough from where the majority of your activity takes place. For sanitary reasons, you may not wish to put them directly adjacent to any food vendors. Choose a flat area and allow enough space for lines to form.


If you’re planning an event in western Arizona, Jack Pots Portables in Lake Havasu City is the area’s leading provider of porta potty rentals and restroom trailers. Whether you’re planning a formal event or a lively festival, their team has the appropriate portable facilities to meet your needs. You can learn more about their portable restrooms for rent by visiting their website or calling (928) 680-0804. Don’t forget to like them on Facebook for news and updates, too.

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