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3 Simple Tips for Traveling With a Hair Weave September 8, 2017

Flatbush, Brooklyn
3 Simple Tips for Traveling With a Hair Weave, Brooklyn, New York

A hair weave or set of extensions helps you get the look of thick, luxurious locks quickly. Because high-quality weaves and extensions are made of real, unprocessed hair, they’re easy to manage and will look great in any environment. If you’re preparing for a vacation, the following tips will help your hair pieces look beautiful, whether you’re at the beach or enjoying the nightlife.

Consider Your Texture

Selecting a straight hair weave or extension bundle can make styling your hair difficult, especially if you’re going to be active or visiting a windy or humid location. Curly and wavy styles are easier to maintain because the strands will hold their shape under all conditions, so you can spend time enjoying the trip instead of working on your hairdo.

Give Yourself Time

hair weave Brooklyn NYYou might have a to-do list for every day leading up to your departure date, but don’t make installing a weave the last item on that list. Give yourself at least a week to ensure the new hair has ample time to loosen up, so you can eliminate scalp pain and learn to style your long locks. Take the time to experiment with braids, buns, and ponytails for hiking, relaxing poolside, or dining out.

Choose Products Wisely

Getting a new weave doesn’t mean you need to pack all your hair care products—look for styling aids with lightweight formulas that can perform multiple purposes. Avoid sticky hairsprays or thick leave-in treatments, which can weigh your hair down between washes. Instead, bring a light oil-based spray or serum that lets you give hair a healthy sheen and tame frizz.


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