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How to Choose a Safe and Secure Storage Facility August 21, 2017

Upper Falls, Rochester
How to Choose a Safe and Secure Storage Facility, Rochester, New York

When choosing a storage facility, one of the most important factors is safety. Much of what is kept in a storage rental unit is valuable in monetary or sentimental worth. Thus, ensuring your items are safe from potential threats is a must. To help, Central Storage, a top self-storage business in Rochester, NY, has shared their tips to find the safest facility possible.

Keep your possessions from harm by following Central Storage's advice:

  • storage facilityLook for Security Cameras: When touring different rental storage units, take a look around the lot to find security cameras. If you do not see any, ask an employee about them. Security cameras are one of the best ways to ensure your items are kept safe. Burglars are less likely to attempt a break-in if they know they are being monitored and recorded.

  • Find One That Is Fenced In: Find a storage facility that takes security seriously. Fenced-in units keep outside threats from getting anywhere near your possessions. A tall, sturdy fence provides exceptional defense. Not only can it ward off burglars, but it can also protect your unit from storm damage. Debris tossed by strong winds could potentially harm your unit. A strong fence will catch flying tree branches and prevent any damage.

  • 24/7 Staff: Find a storage facility that employs a 24/7 staff. With someone on-site at all times, outside threats are greatly deterred. While security cameras and fences are incredibly helpful, nothing is quite as effective as a guard. Ask whether or not your potential facility places one or more security guards on-site to find the most secure unit.

The absolute best storage facility will be secure and affordable. You can find both of these qualifications at Central Storage. Their focus on protecting your possessions and your wallet have led them to become one of the top businesses in the area. For more information, visit their website or call (585) 232-1141 today.

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