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3 Vehicle Inspection Tips for Back-to-School Carpool Season September 5, 2017

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3 Vehicle Inspection Tips for Back-to-School Carpool Season, Johnsonville, North Carolina

The end of the summer means that back-to-school season is fast approaching. If you share carpool responsibilities with other parents and regularly drive your child and other neighborhood kids to school, now is a great time to ensure your vehicle is in top condition. Auto Business Inc, based in Cameron, NC, shares a car inspection checklist to follow in anticipation of the upcoming school year. 

3 Vehicle Inspection Tips for Carpool Season 

1. Brake Check

Checking your brakes is fast, straightforward, and critical. Take your car to your local auto repair shop for an inspection to make sure your brake pads are thick enough, your rotors aren't shaved down too far, and other brake parts are operating effectively. After all, who wants to be the carpool parent screeching to a halt at every stop sign and red light? 

inspection2. Tire Rotation

A staple of good vehicle maintenance, annual or semi-annual tire rotation ensures that your vehicle's tires are wearing evenly. If you neglect tire rotation, certain tires will wear much faster than others—specifically, the front tires and their outside edges. If you want your tires to last through the year and maintain traction on rainy drives to school, get them rotated as fall approaches. 

3. Vehicle Exhaust

Typical vehicle inspections usually include checking the exhaust for troublesome sounds like hissing, rumbling, and extreme loudness. These could be signs of several issues including a bad muffler, broken tailpipe, or cracked catalytic converter. Getting your car inspected regularly helps to catch these problems early and avoid major issues during the busy school year.

Auto Business Inc has been a family-owned and operated auto repair shop specializing in tire rotation and sales for 17 years. Among the most respected tire dealers in North Carolina, Auto Business Inc brings expertise to not just tire sales but also a full range of auto repair services, including repairs and comprehensive inspections. Visit the website to learn more about what they offer, or give the friendly team a call at (919) 499-5654. 

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