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Answers to FAQs About Caregiver Support From Deer Valley Home Health Services August 21, 2017

Gravois Park, St. Louis
Answers to FAQs About Caregiver Support From Deer Valley Home Health Services, St. Louis, Missouri

A professional caregiver is devoted to providing the same level of attention, assistance, and support you would give your elderly or disabled loved one yourself. Home health agency Deer Valley Home Health Services in Berkeley, MO, has been serving the Greater St. Louis metropolitan area since 2005. Below, they answer some frequently asked questions about their caregiver support services.

FAQs About Caregiver Support From Deer Valley Home Health Services

How Will I Be Matched With a Caregiver?

caregiverYour needs are the highest priority at Deer Valley Home Health Services. The first step to finding the right caregiver is a comprehensive assessment that identifies your particular needs, goals, and preferences. After that, a caregiver will be assigned to you to see if the fit is a good one. If you require daily care, a few different caregivers will be assigned until the right team is assembled; daily visits will require caregivers to work in rotation. The goal is always to try to give clients consistency. The same caregiver or team fosters a sense of trust, routine, and relationship.

How Do You Hire Caregivers?

Deer Valley Home Health Services prides itself on high standards. References, a background check, and membership in the Family Care Safety Registry are all prerequisites of becoming a caregiver. They also ensure the professionals they hire have the necessary caregiving skills, compassionate manner, and dedication to helping that are crucial to a career in home health care.

What Caregiver Services Are Offered?

There are several different types of caregiving available at Deer Valley Home Health Services. These include:

  • Homemaking: Assistance with all manners of homemaking and housekeeping tasks.
  • Personal Care: Helping with the activities of daily life, including meal planning and preparation.
  • Private Duty Nursing: A registered nurse or licensed practical nurse provides advanced medical care for both adults and children.
  • Respite Care: Relief services for other caregivers on a temporary or as-needed basis.

Will Deer Valley Home Health Services Work With My Schedule?

Absolutely! Their caregivers will come as often you'd like on your schedule. You can set up a fixed schedule that remains the same, or you can change it as needed with appropriate notice. Deer Valley Home Health Services is here for you.

Contact them today to schedule an assessment or learn more about their services. You can reach them by calling their Berkeley office at (314) 355-3679; their St. Charles location at (636) 493-6488; or their St. Louis agency at (314) 773-4433. They are also accessible via their Twitter or Google+ pages. Let Deer Valley Home Health Services provide the trusted caregiver your loved one needs to get quality help and support in their daily life.

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