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Top 3 Common Clues Your Sprinkler System Needs to Be Repaired August 22, 2017

Antelope Park, Lincoln
Top 3 Common Clues Your Sprinkler System Needs to Be Repaired , Lincoln, Nebraska

A properly working sprinkler system is essential to the health and appearance of your landscape. This is why it’s important to pay attention to how your sprinklers are functioning and make sure you’re performing the necessary maintenance to keep your system in good condition.  Fortunately, there are often several signs that will let you know when lawn sprinkler repair is needed. Being aware of what these are and acting quickly can save you a significant amount of money. Many sprinkler problems can be easily fixed if they are addressed early enough.

3 Warning Signs Your Sprinkler System Needs Professional Attention

1. Malfunctioning Valves

If you turn on the sprinkler system, but nothing happens, this could mean there’s a valve blockage. You may also notice water coming out of only some of the sprinkler heads. In either case, you can try removing and cleaning the valve or non-working heads, but if that doesn’t help, it’s time to call a professional.    

2. Leaking or Uneven Watering

sprinkler systemWhen you turn your sprinkler system off, there shouldn’t be extra water coming out of the heads. If there is, this signifies a leak. You may also have a pipe leak if you notice an area of the yard that’s muddy for no reason. It’s also possible for faulty sprinkler heads to water the lawn unevenly, leaving some areas too wet and others dry.

3. Loss of Pressure

A decrease in water pressure is another indication that your system isn’t operating correctly. If you suddenly start to see that any of your sprinkler heads aren’t outputting as much pressure as they once did, it’s vital to have these fixed to ensure those zones are receiving enough water.


If your sprinkler system needs repairs, it’s crucial to remember that taking the DIY approach can lead to more serious and costly issues. It’s best to get professional help whenever you notice signs of a problem. Contact Whittemore Sprinkler Company at (402) 476-8552, or visit their website for a full list of services to ensure your system is always working optimally.

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