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5 Helpful RV Storage Tips September 5, 2017

Troutman, Iredell
5 Helpful RV Storage Tips, Troutman, North Carolina

As an RV owner, you’ve probably devoted a lot of money and effort to make your camper feel like a second home. So, during the times when it’s not being driven, you want to ensure it is safely stored away and protected from the elements. For most, keeping their motor home at an RV storage facility is often the best method to achieve this. However, there are still a few steps you’ll need to take to make sure it’s in the same drivable condition when you pick it up for your next road trip.

5 Tips for Proper RV Storage

1. Wash & Wax Before Storing

It’s always best to give your RV a good scrub before placing it in storage. If your motor home is going to be sitting in an outdoor lot, it’s also recommended you wax it to prevent sun damage and dirt buildup.

2. Inspect All Seals

Take a close look at all of the silicon, caulking, and rubber seams and seals on your camper to determine if any are cracked or worn-looking ones. Repairing these before placing the RV in storage will save you a lot on water damage repairs.

3. Leave the Vents Open

RV storage troutman ncWhen moisture builds up in your RV, it can lead to an unpleasant musty smell, as well as mold and mildew. Usually, the best way to prevent this while your vehicle is at a storage facility is to leave the rooftop vents open. Some people install special covers so they are able to leave the vents open all the time and still keep rain from getting inside.

4. Use Translucent Curtains or Shades

In the event you miss a leak and moisture seeps in, the curtains or shades you use can help to combat mold growth. Instead of using shades that completely block out daylight and give mold the right environment to grow in, use window coverings that allow some light to enter the cabin of your RV.

5. Safeguard Against Pests

It’s common for insects and rodents to try and set up nests in vacated RVs. To protect your camper from an invasion, block off all external openings, including rooftop plumbing vents, the exterior fridge panel and vent, and the furnace exhaust and air intake piping. You’ll also need to remove all food sources from the cabin, including items like soap, toothpaste, and paper towels.


When you need a clean and secure location to keep your RV when it’s not in use, contact Exit 42 Self Storage in Troutman, NC. All units are fenced, well lit, and available 24/7. To learn more about their RV storage spaces, call (704) 528-0300. You can also visit their website to request additional information today.

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