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The Best Hairstyle for Your Next Job Interview September 1, 2017

Ralston Valley, Northeast Jefferson
The Best Hairstyle for Your Next Job Interview, Northeast Jefferson, Colorado

A job interview is one of the most important times to make a good first impression. Not only is a potential employer judging your resume and past experience, they’re also taking in the way you’ve presented yourself in person. Your hair is a huge part of the total package, so you want to make sure your hairstyle looks polished, professional and, most importantly, represents you. The hairdressers at Fantastic Sam’s in Littleton, Colorado, have been providing professional and stylish cuts for several years, and their offer expert team is here to offer advice on what hairstyles are sure to wow potential employers during your next big job interview.

For Women


Ombre is a great choice if you want a stylish look that is also easy to maintain and style. The popular hair coloring technique creates a gradual blend as your hair transitions from one color to another. You have the ability to go bold, soft, colorful or natural with this look. With endless color choices to go from, ask your stylist for advice on what will work best for you.

hairstylePartial Highlights

Partial highlights are a great way to brighten and frame your face without the commitment of full highlighting. These work best for people with lighter hair. If your base hair color is dark, especially in the back, you’ll want to go with full highlighting.


Lowlights are another fun way to update your look and can be applied to look very natural. Unlike highlights, which create lighter strands compared to your base color, lowlights will darken strands that blend nicely with the rest of your color.

For Men

Men's Tapered Cut

For almost every men’s haircut, proper tapering is very important. The gradual trim results in decreased hair length around the ears and back of your head. Tapering looks best when it is blended for a smooth looking haircut. The look can go from subtle to daring depending on how long you choose to keep the top part of your hair.

Beard Trimming  

A beard is a great way to appear strong, professional and reliable, but an unkempt beard can end up saying just the opposite. If you choose to wear a beard for your interview, make sure it is well-groomed.

Don’t let a bad haircut be the reason you miss out on an amazing job. Visit the professionals at Fantastic Sam’s in Littleton, CO, to update your look so that you’ll feel confident and prepared for your next job interview. Call (720) 922-0300 to schedule your appointment today, or visit the salon’s website for more information on all their hairstyle services.

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