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3 Important Bucket Truck Safety Tips September 5, 2017

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3 Important Bucket Truck Safety Tips , High Point, North Carolina

A bucket truck is a truck mounted with an aerial device, which is designed to lift personnel into the air so they can perform work on tall structures or at high elevations. Whether you’re using a bucket truck in a construction or landscaping project, it’s crucial to ensure all workers adhere to the proper aerial safety guidelines. This will decrease the risk of unnecessary injuries or potentially fatal accidents. 

3 Bucket Truck Safety Tips

1. Inspect Prior to Usage

bucket truckBefore operating a bucket truck, you must inspect it to ensure no issues could pose a safety threat. This includes an examination of the operating and emergency controls, the wheels and tires, and all safety devices. Don’t forget to look for missing parts or signs of leaks.

2. Wear Protective Equipment

Any worker that plans to operate a bucket truck must wear the proper protective equipment—including hard hats, eye protection, and insulated gloves. When in the bucket, the harness and safety belt must be used as an additional layer of protection to prevent falling.

3. Check Work Area

It’s also important to check the work area around the bucket truck for holes, bumps, or obstructions, as well as power lines and trees. The truck should be positioned on a stable surface, and it must never be operated on a slope that exceeds the manufacturer’s limits. The truck should only be left unattended when the key is out and it is parked away from pedestrians.  


Whether you’re planning a large-scale commercial construction job or a home renovation project, safety should be your main priority. If you’re looking to hire professional bucket truck services, turn to the contractors at A&M Crane and Rigging in High Point and Winston-Salem, NC. With over 35 years in the industry, this knowledgeable company has built and maintained a solid reputation for safe and trustworthy work. Call (336) 889-6000 or visit their website for more information. 

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